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Author Topic: Wal-Mart worker dies after shoppers knock him down  (Read 8610 times)
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« Reply #30 on: November 29, 2008, 07:14:35 pm »

I work at Wal Mart. I make OK money and have, contrary to many stories, excellent medical coverage, and a number of benefits you never, ever hear about. The ONLY people who have keys to the doors at Wal Marts are the Store Managers and the Assistant Managers, these keys DO NOT leave their hands, that said, if this poor guy was unlocking the door, as reported, someone did something VERY incompatible with company guidelines.
They could fix this crap and prevent it from happening in two ways.
Like shopping online, or just not being an ass?

1) Get enough stock to have the sale last from store opening to store close.  That way people wouldn't feel the need to bum rush the store at 0400 in the morning because they are one of about a thousand people trying to get one of 200 XBOX 360's maked down for the sale.
We had 16 of those XBoxes, and no fights and not even a raised voice when we sold out of them at 6:05. A better target for rage on Wii, Xbox and PS3 pricing and availability would be Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo. Why don't we have enough, because THEY do not make enough to meet demand. Why are Wii's the same price at KmartKMart,Best Buy PS2  XBox and Wii New Egg Wii Notice anything? The prices of each are the SAME no matter where you go. That is Price Fixing, my friend and when liberals accuse Big Oil of it, it is felonious and immoral, but, when Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo do it, it is OK? Every game console costs THE SAME no meatter where you buy it. EVERY GAME Costs the same too. Perhaps not letting video game companies RESTRAIN TRADE by arbitrarily controlling prices on the games they sell would be a nice start too.
2) Ties into what I said above...make the sale prices ALL DAY not just for two or three hours.  And open the store at normal time.
In the first HOUR we were open yesterday we sold as much (dollar value) merchandise as we usually do in a DAY. The second HOUR was like unto the first. This is not our doing, this is morons en mass who have nothing better to do than buy a bunch of shit. Oh, BTW, recession MY ASS! If there were a recession we would not have sold near as many $1000 TV's, $800 Computers and $250-$500 video game systems as we did... anecdotal as all hell, but, still...

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